Our knowledge on efficacy and comfort were combined in the PHALLOSAN® forte penis stretching device. In our opinion the most effective and comfortable device of its kind.


Advantage through Innovation

We have fourteen years of experience as the market leader for orthopedic elongation systems with vacuum technique. Our knowledge on efficacy and comfort enabled us to manufacture PHALLOSAN® forte. In our opinion the most effective and comfortable one of its kind.


Description: PHALLOSAN® forte enables you to increase the pressure in case of a loss in pressure. We have developed a three-way-valve which allows adjustments while the PHALLOSAN® forte is in use.

Advantages: all parts are integrated and an extra pumping ball or tube is not required. Noticeable elevations were integrated on the suction bell to enable you to regulate the pressure blind and without needing to remove the bell (for example at night).

Description: you can choose from three sizes (S, M, and L) depending on the size of the glans. The basic kit contains the sizes S, M and L.

Advantages: the glans always has enough room to expand and grow, due to the different bell sizes. The bells are made of allergen free material and are unbreakable.

Description: the sleeve is made of medical grade silicone. Skin can respond with severe allergies after continued exposure to latex. Hence, silicone is used for the manufacturing which is proven to be non-allergenic.

Advantages: the sleeve is non-allergenic. Depending on the girth of the penis, PHALLOSAN® forte can be used in size S, M or L, all of which are included in the basic kit. The sleeve has differing thicknesses. The wall of the bell is constructed thicker especially in the area of increased pressure.

Description: the protector cap serves to protect the glans from too strong of a vacuum. It is made of non-allergenic material and is extremely elastic.

Advantage: the protector cap enables a quick adjustment to the recommended setting.

Description: the tension clip transfers the power of the orthopedic stretching belt to the suction bell. It is equipped with a calibrated pull system

Advantage: the traffic light system (green, yellow and red) indicates the recommended setting for the belt and aids in getting you results even faster.


Description: the orthopedic stretching belt is made of non-allergenic formaldehyde free material. The foam ring is made of non-allergenic silicone foam.

Advantage: the belt is extremely elastic and can be worn by plus sizes as well. We manufacture extra sizes on demand. The non-allergenic fastening of the belt is designed to follow the body's movements without loosening.

The traction force of PHALLOSAN® forte!

How much positive force can PHALLOSAN® forte create?

The traction force of PHALLOSAN® forte!